Denz Van Der List

Denz van der List, a Dutch national based in Miami. Passion for his family, travel, sports, food & music, Denz has 20+ years of national and international sales experience in various positions and companies. Denz is a forward thinking experienced sales professional with the proven ability to establish growth strategies in territories around the world. Fosters a dedicated mentality to exceed company goals, focussing on growth, performance and forecasting.

Working as a full-time key account manager and professional DJ, he was offered a position to help build a new and upcoming fashion & accessories brand in Los Angeles, USA, in 2013, as their global sales director. Within five years the brand Cabeau was available in 110+ countries while Denz specialised himself into a unique niche retail channel called Travel Retail.

In 2019 Denz started his own company, CR8ANCY, where he can help other brands to strategise their market positions within marketing & sales, as well as help them in the Travel Retail market space and loyalty platforms.

Later in 2019, he was asked by fashion & luggage brand Cabinzero to offer his expertise and build their brand in Travel Retail, in a full-time executive position. Due to COVID-19 this has been stopped.

Always up for a challenge, in April 2020 he started a global consortium, based on an initiative to help restart the engines of critical global ecosystems under for1314 while still pursuing his passion for fashion and luxury accessories.

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